We are very happy to announce that Dr. Lisa McGrath, Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics, Sheffield Hallam, UK will be talking about:

Genre, academic literacies & metacognition: Theoretical “wanders” and their implementation in EAP pedagogy.

Picking up our idea of “not all who wander are lost” and that real-life teaching and learning can rarely be accounted for using one theory or approach to learning, Lisa McGrath will draw upon EAP and ESP paedagogical “wanders” to different theories or approaches for different teaching contexts stressing that this is not “lost”, itinerant wandering. It is purposeful.

We are also very happy to have Dr. Ruth Breeze from the University of Navarra, Spain talking about:

Creating a space for Critical thinking in the EAP and ESP classroom.

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Dr. Ruth Breeze, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Navarra, Spain

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